Enjoy hours of fun with this top rated version of a classic casino-style game. Absolute Bingo is a no-wait bingo game that has just been updated with better graphics, new rooms and additional bingo patterns!

Collect additional coins every four hours and complete achievements to get even more. See if you can win before all the bingos are called! With the right powerups, win Bingo instantly!

Keep playing Absolute Bingo even if you lose your internet connection! Play bingo online or offline - whenever you want, anywhere you want.


“If you enjoy Bingo, this game is for you! Clear, easy-to-read numbers, interesting backdrops and fun bonus options are only part of it. It also has a varied call time, with more time given for multiple card play, but no long waits for single card players.

Throw in free coins every 4 hours and this game is a winner-winner-chicken-dinner! I highly recommend this one!”

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